The surging demand for LNG and requirement to monetize vast amount of stranded gas reserves drives EXMAR to create innovative LNG infrastructure solutions that bring LNG to the market in a fast-track, cost-effective, flexible and reliable manner. Today, EXMAR brings innovation further upstream with the completion and commissioning of the world’s first barge-based offshore Floating Liquefaction Unit (FLNG).

EXMAR's FLNG system will drastically reduce time-to-market by providing floating liquefaction and storage in a cost-efficient and flexible way to gas fields located onshore and offshore, eliminating the need for large and costly infrastructure on land.

Building on the experience that EXMAR has gained in the TANGO FLNG project, the LNG team is also pursuing a variety of other floating liquefaction opportunities that are in different stages of development. Significant amounts of engineering man-hours have been spent on the development of a wide range of FLNG concepts and designs with capacities varying from 0.5 to 5 million tonnes per annum (MTPA).

TANGO FLNG at the shipyard

Since then EXMAR’s FLNG has successfully been operating above its nameplate capacity for more than 1.5 years in Argentina to export Vaca Muerta’s shale gas. Following this last employment, EXMAR’s 0.5 MTPA FLNG is today available again. The FLNG, 100% owned by EXMAR, is fully financed, and has a successful operational track record.

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