Our drive for creativity and technological innovation to supply energy to the world in an ever faster, safer, more efficient and sustainable way.

This is what has taken EXMAR to where it is now: a respected, specialised maritime shipping company offering tailor-made and innovative energy solutions to the oil and gas industry. 

FLNG to be deployed in Argentina for 10 yearsNovember 2018LNG barge liquefaction TANGO YPF bahia blanca

Exmar signed a 10-year agreement with YPF to deploy Exmar’s barge-based floating LNG liquefaction unit (FLNG) currently known as Caribbean FLNG to produce and export LNG in Argentina. The barge will be renamed TANGO FLNG will be stationed in Bahia Blanca and produce 500,000 tons of LNG per year. 

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The Ballast-Free LNG CarrierJune 2018ballastfree ballast free exmar lpg lng shipping

Another step towards sustainable shipping This is a first glance at a new Ballast-Free LNG Carrier Concept. EXMAR is participating in the joint design of an innovative 30.000 m³ LNG/C together with Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation and our long-term partners Lloyd’s Register and GTT. Though this is not a new concept, the need to actually consider adopting ballast-free ships has emerged quickly in the past years.

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Delivery of world's first barge based FSRUDecember 2017

EXMAR takes delivery of World’s First Barge-Based FSRU and secures long-term employment for the unit.  The world's first barge-based floating LNG storage and re-gasification unit (FSRU) from the Wison Shipyard in Nantong, PRC. The unit has a re-gasification capacity of up to 600MMSCFD and a storage capacity of 26,000 m³ of LNG.

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