Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

As a shipowner, we pioneer to serve our customers in efficiently transporting and transforming gaseous molecules

Mission Statement

EXMAR is an innovative ship owner providing solutions for the operation, transportation and transformation of gaseous molecules.

Our Values

We are partners.

At EXMAR, we partner with the client. We are reliable and build strong relationships. We will always find ways to think for our clients and focus on their problems, enabling them with efficient and value-adding solutions.


We are respectful.

At EXMAR, we have respect for the environment and people. We recognize and appreciate the inherent worth of every individual within the company, from employees to clients. We are humble and operate in an open, honest and safe atmosphere. We value our multicultural workplace that fosters inclusivity and safety.


We are innovative.

At EXMAR, we innovate and always find ways to simplify. We look for inspiration everywhere but focus on or our own solutions. We are passionate and praise ourselves in trying things that have never been done before.


We are agile.

At EXMAR, we are agile and action-oriented, speed and efficiency are paramount. Many decisions and actions are reversible. We have direct and open lines and communicate transparently and effectively.  We value calculated risk taking, common sense and pragmatism.


We are experts.

At EXMAR, we are result-oriented and relentlessly demanding when it comes to standards. We fix problems to the core and praise ourselves in excellence, with respect for people and environment. We concentrate on the key inputs and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion. We take every setback as an opportunity to deliver even more.


We are owners.

We act on behalf of the whole family company. At EXMAR, we hold ourselves accountable, we acknowledge mistakes and learn from them. We focus on taking ownership and finding frugal solutions proactively. We always remain on the look-out for every opportunity. We are a family that takes care of each other and its clients.