Ammonia as fuel

EXMAR's Ammonia Transport Legacy

Pioneering Ammonia Shipping Since the 1980s

EXMAR's shipping business has been centered around ammonia transport since the early 1980s. The company's foray into this market began in 1983 with shipments on the 24,000 m³ vessel TIELRODE. 

Advancing Cargo Capacity Over the Decades

Over the past four decades, EXMAR has been at the forefront of designing innovative LPG/NH3 tankers with increasing cargo capacities:

  • By 1990, the cargo capacity had grown to 33,000 m³
  • This was further expanded to 38,000 m³ by 2005
  • EXMAR will increase the cargo capacity to 46,000 m³ by 2026

Maintaining Compatibility with Port Infrastructure

Throughout these capacity expansions, EXMAR has ensured that its vessels remain compatible with the existing port infrastructure, allowing for seamless operations and integration with the global supply chain.

By 1997, EXMAR transported 10 million tons of NH3 overseas. Over the following decades, this volume steadily increased, culminating in a historic milestone in 2023 when EXMAR had transported a total of 100 million tons of NH3.

EXMAR's Expertise in Ammonia Transport

  • EXMAR has over four decades of experience in transporting ammonia cargoes
  • EXMAR has transported over 100 million tons of NH3. In some years ammonia shipments can reach up to 5 million tons, in a global annual market of around 18 million tons per year 
  • EXMAR collaborates with industry leading companies on low-carbon ammonia transport projects, indicating their expertise in this area
  • Their vessels are well-positioned to pioneer the use of ammonia as an alternative fuel
  • EXMAR's seafarers are among the most experienced in the industry when it comes to handling ammonia

Engaging Seafarers in the Design Process

  • EXMAR has organized sessions to allow their seafarers to provide feedback on the design of the ammonia-powered vessels currently in development
  • This valuable input from the people who will be operating these vessels is crucial
  • EXMAR will continue to engage their seafarers throughout the design process to ensure their needs and concerns are addressed

By leveraging their extensive experience and expertise in ammonia transport, and by actively involving their seafarers in the design of the new vessels, EXMAR is well-equipped to lead the industry in the adoption of ammonia as an alternative fuel.


Safe Operations 

EXMAR's decades of operational and technical experience in handling ammonia as cargo is crucial in allowing to develop the world's first ocean-going ammonia dual-fueled vessels.  EXMAR is one of the most experienced companies globally when it comes to the transportation and handling of ammonia, which positions EXMAR well to pioneer the use of ammonia as a marine fuel. EXMAR has a demonstrated history of successfully introducing innovative fuel propulsion technologies, such as dual fuel LPG propulsion, dual fuel LNG propulsion, and more. Collaborating closely with engine manufacturers, EXMAR actively engages in the development and operation of advanced propulsion systems with the goal of mitigating harmful gas emissions in the atmosphere and above all safety of operations for its crew.